This January, Hyacinths are the flower of the month. The lovely smell of the Hyacinth tells us spring is coming! Hyacinths are available in an array of colours, from pastel pinks to deep blues and purples, pure whites to bold yellows and tango orange.

Our buyer has selected this season’s Hyacinth varieties. So what are you waiting for? Visit our website and start planning for your upcoming event or wedding using this fabulous flower variety.

Hyacinths, just like Narcissus and Crocus, are associated with Spring. They are recognisable for their shape, curly flowers and strong fragrance. Overall, they are varieties in twenty-five varieties and colours vary from blues, purples, pinks to yellows. Unfortunately, the flower is not available year-round, so make sure you make the most of it in Spring!

Did you know? The largest Hyacinth flower can reach up to 30cm tall.


Hyacinth Varieties

  1. Anna Marie – A gorgeous soft pink Hyacinth variety, good to keep in mind for the upcoming Mother’s Day.
  2. Anna Liza – This Hyacinth is a warm pink lavender shade and matches perfectly with Rose Blueberry.
  3. Woodstock – With its beetroot hue, the Woodstock can bring some contrast into bohemian winter designs.
  4. Yellowstone– Craving Spring? Yellowstone is perfect to brighten your home and mood. Great combined with daffodils.
  5. Chicago – Perfect to fulfil 2018 Color of the Year: Ultraviolet!
  6. Dark Ocean – Dark Ocean is available in a deep, dark blue hue.
  7. China Pink – China Pink has a blush, very soft pink colour. Matches great with white and also with other light pinks. Ideal for wedding bouquets.
  8. Aiolos – If you are looking for a pure white Hyacinth, Aiolos is ideal!
  9. Delft Blue – This flower variety is classic and very popular for weddings and events.
  10. Fondant – This variety is a breath of fresh air! Available in a light pink hue, it is perfect for wedding designs.
  11. Jan Bos – Wow! Jan Bos has a deep, hot pink colour, almost magenta. So if you are looking for a spicer-upper: look no further!
  12. Purple Voice – Purple Voice has a fresh purple colour and matches very well with yellows and whites.

Find all of the flower varieties in this blog, along with other seasonal flowers, visit the website.

Design combinations

Finally, we are exploring different combinations of using Hyacinths in flower arrangements. Hyacinths work well on their own in designs or with other flowers, such as:

  • Tulips, Anemones, and Eucalyptus
  • Roses, Gerberas, Eustomas, Bouvardias, and Dianthus Barbatus Green Trick
  • Daffodils, and Viburnums

Hyacinths Table Centrepiece

Source – Bridal Musings

Hyacinths Wedding Bouquet

Source – The Natural Wedding Company

Wedding Spring Hyacinths Biuquet

Source – Juno and Joy

WWW - Hyacinths Wedding Bouquet

Source – Whimsical Wonderland Weddings 



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