Are you struggling for ideas for Christmas gifts? This is the perfect gift that is long lasting, low maintenance and absolutely beautiful to style a home or office all year round. 

Follow our easy to follow step by step guide or video on How to Create a Planted Phalaenopsis Gift Basket this season with Triangle Nursery.

Step 1

Gather your ingredients required to make this beautiful planted Phalaenopsis orchid gift basket.


Find all the ingredients for the How to Guide (apart from orchid compost) on the website here.

Christmas How to Guides - Triangle Nursery

Step 2

Carefully remove the orchid from their pots and gently rest on the surface.

How to Guides - Triangle Nursery Ltd

Step 3

Once you have remove the pot from the orchid, position the pot in the rattan basket. This will help you to measure how many orchids you can add to the design. You can add the orchid compost around the pot.

Christmas How to Guides with Triangle Nursery Ltd

Step 4

Continue to add the empty pots to the rattan basket until you are happy with the posititioning. Remembering to add the orchid compost as you go.

Christmas How to Guides - Triangle Nursery Ltd

Step 5

Remove the first empty pot from the rattan basket and position your first orchid into the design. Do not worry if some of the compost or bark falls, you can always add this when you have finished adding all three of the orchids to the design.

Christmas How to Guide - Triangle Nursery

Step 6

Continue to add the rest of the orchids to the design. Gently push in the plant sticks further into the compost to add further support.

Christmas How to Guides - Triangle Nursery Ltd

Step 7

Once you are happy with the position of the orchids you can add the finish touch the cusion moss (bun moss). This is purely for decoration purposes, adding clumps in the gaps around the edge and in the centre.

Christmas How to Guides - Triangle Nursery Ltd

To conclude, you can watch the entire video of this how-to guide on the website here.



  1. I love your videos but please turn the heat up over there so your presenter can be comfortable. She should not have to wear her heavy coat!

  2. Can I order an orchid basket already made for delivery to Welwyn Garden City before Christmas? I’d not already made just all the ingredients?

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