Cocoa, Coffee, Mocha or just brown. This shade is very popular in autumn, capturing the natural, earthy landscape and incorporating in floral designs. 


The colour stands for solidity, fall and earth. It is also considered a masculine colour that radiates confidence and reliability. In the flower industry, there are not many brown flowers, but more than enough branches to compensate. If you are looking for an unstructured, unusual or even, autumnal bouquet, incorporating the colour brown is perfectly suited to the design.


When you think of earthy tones, russet or mocha hues, you think of autumn. Brown is certainly a seasonal colour and revolves around the season of autumn. Beautiful seasonal varieties that are best combined with bright, colourful hues.


There are more brown flower varieties than you might think! Take a look below to find some interesting varieties to use this autumn

Scabious Stellata

Similar to the Craspedia, this scabious seedhead is very popular for its unique size and shape. The beauty of this flower is the heart of the flower. It is perfect to add a touch of brown, as well as interest and texture to the arrangement this autumn. Find here

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Amaranthus Hot Biscuits

This beautiful upright amaranthus is a copper-brown colour that is perfectly suited to an autumnal, earthy bridal bouquet. The thick plumes are long flowering so you can enjoy them for a long time! Find here

Image result for covent garden amaranthus hot biscuits

Anthurium Chocolate Love

This flamingo flower is everlasting. Commonly used in corporate or tropical designs as it is long lasting, as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This dark chocolate colour shade is simply irresistible! Find here

Rose Cappuccino

Fancy a cuppa? This rose is true to its name and has a soft-brown colour hue. Beautiful to incorporate in a warm taupe, neutral colour palette or paired with soft pastels AYR (all year round). Find here

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Leucadendron Plumosum Rubrum

A flower that has all autumn colours in one. A unique form and colour palette that is perfect to add interest and texture to your arrangements. Find here

Dried Fruits and Novelties

From lotus heads, birch (or Betula), pheasant feathers, birch slices to dried moss, there are multiple ways that you can incorporate this earthy colour palette into your floral designs. Find all of the dried products available here for more ideas.


Satin ribbon, bullion wire, aluminium wire and more are all available to add a subtle element of brown into your designs. Find all of our accessories here.


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Native Australian bouquet by Merrin Grace | Photography by Bear Deer Fox 

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