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Our Favorite Boho Fall Flowers:

  1. Hypericum Magical Triumph – Stylish, romantic and bursting with colour. This Hypericum variety has it all.
  2. Craspedia Globosa – This yellow beauty is totally indispensable in this list of favorite boho fall flowers. It adds that desired pop of colour to your design.
  3. Amaranthus Hanging Red – The Amaranthus is especially a great flower to use in a centrepiece. Place low or high in your design to achieve different results.
  4. Sedum Spectabile – The pink/purple flowers of this Sedum variety are so little but so beautiful and create a lovely softening effect in your arrangements.
  5. Clematis Amazing Wig – What an extraordinary flower. The long stems with spider-like flowers make it great for bouquets and table decor.
  6. Leucospermum Nutan Gold Dust – Not only the bright orange color is exciting but also the gold coloured tips.
  7. Antirrhinum Potomac Pink – The light pink colour makes this Snapdragon very sweet and cute. Perfect to use if you are looking to add height to your decor. The perfect subsitute for stocks when out of season (without the scent).
  8. Phlox Blind Lion – One of the few brown flowers available at market – but that’s not the only special thing about this flower! The lime green hearts will make you fall in love with this Phlox. Ideal to add that autumnal feel and texture.
  9. Achillea – From light orange to pastel yellow… this Achillea stays beautiful when you use it in your floral designs. Ideal to add a softening effect and coverage.
  10. Eucalyptus Populus – The large leaves and beautiful green color make this greenery perfect for the boho style. If you are looking for berries, opt for the Populus with Grain (aka Berry). Very popular for weddings.
  11. Astrantia Million Star – This white beauty with it’s beautiful flowers is a perfect additive for every boho floral design. Dainty, sweet and available in silvers, clarets and plums.

Click here to visit our Pinterest mood board for more flower varieties in this colour tone, as well as great idea incorporating this colour into your arrangements! All the flowers in this post are available on our website.

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