Every day, every week we see more and more fantastic and unusual flower varieties arrive at the market, whether they are NEW or coming back into season, we are here to inspire, educate and show you flowers available in August!

Ranging in colour, shape, size and fragrance, feast your eyes below for this week’s special of ‘New Blooms to Market!’

Cynara Scolymus – Giant Artichoke

This flower or vegetable as you most probably wish to call it, being very impactful and striking to the eye, it is certainly a statement bloom and can hold its own in an arrangement.

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Cynara scolymus - giant artichoke

Dicentra Spectabilis

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Dicentra Spectabilis

Crocosmia Pods Green

With the autumn season approaching, the crocosmia with berry is perfect to include in your arrangements. Adding natural texture and colour compliments the surrounding natural landscape.

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Gossypium Cotton Buds

Gossypium is particularly popular to place in a vase in your home, style an interior or window display.

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Kochia Scoparia

Well, if you are looking for that ‘grey’ flower, Kochia is perfect for you. Perfect suited to a winter wedding or event to give you a frosted look. Alternatives include Dusty Miller (Senecio).

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Perscia Polygonum

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Persica Polygonum

Physalis Lampion Loose

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Scabious Soft Scoop

This very pretty scabious particularly caught my eye with it’s beautiful head size and colour shade of lilac. Perfect suited to a pretty pastel wedding or to stay on trend with this years colour pantone: Ultra Violet.

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Veronica Crinita

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Bulk Pack Ivy Variegated or Green

Bulk Packs are available on the website for both Ivy and Gypsophila, offering you a better price. These packs of 200 trails of Ivy are fantastic if you are looking to purchase for a wedding, promotion stand or event.

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Ivy Trails Variegated 90cm

Dahlia Purple Fox

Dahlias are now in season and they are coming in abundance! From pure white, tangy orange to pretty purples, there is sure to be one to suit your theme. Loved for their delicate petals and form, they are frequently used for weddings, events and in hand-tied bouquets whilst in season.

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