Flowers are the ‘perfect pick me up.

Blue Monday, the horrible date in the calendar that scientists have decreed to be the most depressing day of the year! The day that more than ever, we all need a pick me up… so there is nothing better than flowers to do just that!

After all,  Jeannette Haviland-Jones, lead researcher of Psychology at Rutgers found that ‘flowers are a natural mood enhancer and moderator. Boasting an instant impact on happiness – regardless of whether we view them in nature or are given them as a gift.’ So, the gift of flowers is sure to shatter any January blues.

Tulips for Blue Monday .jpg completed their latest ‘Favourite Flower Poll’ which revealed that while a massive 31% of the population who would pick roses as their preferred gift, over 40% admitted to occasionally change their favourite flower by simply spotting one they prefer the look of – so why not try something new and beautiful today.


Although research suggests that almost all flower varieties have a positive effect on our wellbeing, there are a number of species that outscore others. Below, view just some of the flowers that make us the happiest:

Tulips: Said to be the ever-cheerful and one of the most inspiring blooms available, tulips certainly pack a punch! They’re both feminine, fragrant and add a splash of colour and brightness to any environment.

Roses: A rose is guaranteed to lift your mood, with it’s vast array of colours, shapes and sizes, roses are the perfect ‘pick me up.’ Roses in particular boast different meanings and symbolism – pink holds feelings of love, yellow holds friendship, while white is for remembrance.


Daffodils: These bright flowers are one of our favourites and have been named the number one flowers for enhancing people’s moods. The colour yellow is associated with happiness, so it comes as little surprise that a vase of daffodils will instantly lift up your spirits this January.


Sometimes, it is the smallest things in life that are seen to make us the happiest. Flowers are one of these little pleasures; they are a great addition to your home and garden and work as a great gift to give all year round – especially if you’re looking for ways to promote happiness.

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