Cheer up London commuters on Blue Monday (the most miserable day of the year)  with flowers!


Pink Tulips and Pretty Bouquets!


As part of a Blue Monday stunt, Bloo (the bathroom care brand) set it upon themselves to cheer up London’s commuters on Blue Monday. Setting up a fully functioning giant toilet in One New Change, London for their #BlooMonday campaign, gave them a chance to engage with their consumers on Blue Monday and created sharable content for the brand’s social channels and got people talking about clean toilets!

BlooMonday - House of Experience

Designed to cheer up the nation, the giant loo featured pink water, free pink flowers and even a blues band. The pink flowers were supplied by Triangle Nursery, one of the UK’s Leading Flower Wholesalers for Promotions and Brand Marketing. Throughout the day, Bloo brand ambassadors were seen handing out flowers to commuters outside Liverpool Street, Farringdon Station & bouquets at ‘base camp’ and made up bouquets to lucky winners.


The giant loo also emitted Bloo’s very own fragrance. Members of the general public were encouraged to write down one thing that was making them feel down and ‘flush away their Monday Blues,’ not only as a symbolic gesture, but for the chance to win a holiday!



Mel Billows, marketing controller at Bloo, Jeyes and Easy, said: “Bloo is all about delivering bursts of happiness in the bathroom through beautiful fragrance and colour so it seemed only natural for us to do something positive today.”

Sharing Results

The campaign was a fantastic success for the company with over 2,400+ consumer interactions across the single day, with over 1,000 competition entries via Twitter. Also, 7 pieces of video content for the brand to release across Q1.

But most of all, this experiential stunt spread smiles to the faces of beleaguered commuters!

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How can I add cheer to our brand this January?

Funny you should ask, as we have got just the thing to buck you and your brand up on the bluest of days!

Flowers. Yes, flowers, from the ever-cheerful tulip or Gerbera, the sweet smelling Hyacinth to the romantic rose, they are guaranteed to spread happiness & cheer people up on the most depressing day of year, but also to engage consumers and promote your brand online and offline!

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