For us, an Online Wholesalers, it’s so lovely to receive photographs from our Customers.

Not only is it lovely to see how they have used our flowers at their event or for their special wedding day, it’s great to show you all, inspire you with colour choices, flower combinations and styles.

Here are some beautiful photographs of Sarah and Fred, who tied the knot in July this year. Using a country garden style, with pastel hues for their flowers and maids dresses. See below for more photographs and a recipe of the flowers they used to cretae their arrangements, bouquets, buttonholes, venue and church arrangements.
Sarah and Fred 0

‘Here, you can see the bridesmaids getting involved, creating the bouquets the morning of the wedding. We did the wreaths for each table’s wine buckets and the church flowers the day before. We were so thrilled with the flowers and received so many compliments on the day. Thank you for all your knowledge and help with my order.’  said Sarah

Sarah and Fred 1

Recipe of the flowers used in the arrangements:

  • Hydrangea Marsepein Blue (link)
  • Peony Duchesse De Nemours (link)
  • Peony Gardenier (link)
  • Rose Upper Secret (link)
  • Rose Dolce Avalanche (link)
  • Rose Spray Romantic Pepita (link)
  • Freesia White River Single (link)
  • Eucalyptus Robusta 
  • Eucalytptus Cinerea 

Sarah and Fred 2

Sarah and Fred 3

Sarah and Fred 4

Sarah and Fred 5

Sarah and Fred 6

Sarah and Fred 7

Sarah and Fred 8

Sarah and Fred 9

Sarah and Fred 10

To decorate the breakfast room at the venue, the couple decorated each wine / ice bucket on each table with ring of beautiful flowers. A nifty idea if you have not got a huge amount of space on the tables to fill with large floral arrangements!

Sarah and Fred 11

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Photography: Sophie Oldhamstead Photography

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  1. Thank you Laura,
    I’ve only just seen this lovely post.
    Please could you credit
    Sophie Oldhamstead Photography for the photos.

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