Jam jars are favourited by many for their quaint, relaxed style, you can dress them up or down for an upcoming event, wedding or even birthday party.

Below, we have detailed a quick step-by-step tutorial to inspire you and help you with the types of flowers and stem quantity to use per jam jar.

Step 1: Decorate your jam jars, bottles or vases (if required). Visit our blog: Decorate your Jam Jars for a quick step-by-step on transforming your containers.

How to Decorate Jam Jars for an Upcoming Event or Wedding

Step 2: Source your ingredients to start creating your jam jars. You will need your fresh flowers and a pair of scissors (or a knife). NB: Make sure you receive the flowers in advance 


Our floral ingredients list in this tutorial include; 

Gypsophila (large headed) (1 stem per jam jar broken down) 

Astilbe Europa (1 per jam jar)

Rose Wedding Pink (1 per jam jar)

Sweet Peas Winter Sunshine White (1 per jam jar)

Stocks Cream (1 per jam jar)

Step 3: Fill the jars half full or even 3/4 full with water.

Step 4: Start by adding the Gypsophila to the jam jar. This acts as a frame for the arrangement to guide the other flowers. Depending on the size of the jars, you can cut the Gypsophila down.


Rule: The flowers will work out to be half of the overall height of the finished arrangement. 

Step 5: Continue to add the flowers to the arrangement using the gypsophila as a frame. Cut and place the flowers in a aesthetically pleasing way.




Top Tip: As you build the arrangement, you may need to tweak the height and position of the flowers to your preference. 

Step 6: Continue to fill your remaining jam jars, working with the same rule.


Step 7: Make sure the vase is filled with sufficient water and place in a cool, low lit environment before installing at venue (the next day).


All of the fresh flowers and jam jars are sourced from Triangle Nursery, to visit click here.

If you have any questions on the type of flowers used, quantity or other questions you have, please do not hesitate to comment below or contact us on 01394 385 832.


Thank you for reading


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