Following on from our May Flower of the Month, the Garden Rose follows on nicely. The Garden Roses are extremely popular for weddings and events, loved for their fragrance, bloom size and colour palettes. 

Garden Roses

At times of the year when peonies are not in season or you don’t want to risk peonies not opening or infact opening too quickly, we would advise using a fragrant, blousy garden rose which is available all year round! Find our comparison blog here weighing up the pros and cons of both peonies and roses.

Garden Roses are a premium blooms, larger, fuller and radiate beautiful fragrances that are guaranteed to fill a room! Typically, they are more fragile compared to a standard commerical rose and do not have a long shelf life. Garden roses are sourced from both the Dutch Auctions and directly from the farms. Discover below the different types of growers and garden roses that are available on the market.

Alexandra Farms

Alexandra Farms grow 33 varieties of fresh cut garden roses bred in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Denmark, Germany and other countries around the world. Their collection is a beautiful and unique assortment of colours available in an array of different shapes, sizes and colours.

Rose White O’hara

Celebrate Garden Roses with Triangle Nursery this June

White O’hara rose is a beautiful creamy, white rose with a hint of blush pink in the centre petals. Distinctly french in style.

Fragrance: A rich lavender scent

Shelf life: 7 to 10 days

Styling tips: An elegant, romantic bloom is ideal in a soft pastel colour palette, paired with pinks, lilacs and creams.

Rose Charlene De Monaco

Charlene-princesse-de-monaco-2-570x708A soft pink and peach garden rose opens to a deep cut, filled with disheveled petals. Named for a European princess, this royal variety is simply beautiful.

Fragrance: A combination of citrus and honey.

Shelf life: 6 to 8 days

Styling tips: Paired with ivories, creams and pinks.

You can purchase direct on our website in wraps of 12 (through the auctions) or 48 (direct from the growers).

Alexandra Farms are also the largest licensed David Austin® English garden rose grower in the world. This leads me nicely onto the other types of Garden Roses that we have available to purchase on the website.

David Austin Garden Roses

David Austin has spent the last sixty years developing award-winning English roses. Inspired by his success breeding roses for the garden, David and his son, have been working together since 1995 to create a range of roses to use in floristry for weddings and events.

A collection of breath-taking 14 cut fragrant roses in a wide range of colours and are available to purchase for up and coming weddings and events. Created with true passion and finished with love!

Rose Patience

Celebrate Garden Roses this June with Triangle Nursery

Classical, simplistic and beautiful, this rose is ideal if you are looking to create a natural or elegant look.

Fragrance: An intense and clean scent of old rose fused with lemon.

Styling tips: David Austin advise to style with cascading foliage paired with creamy-white blooms with marble decor accents.

Rose Juliet

Celebrate Garden Roses with Triangle Nursery this JuneA peach rose with a deep, apricot heart. A classic choice that is popular for weddings.

Fragrance: A light scent with a softest hint of tea.

Styling tips: A symbol of classic romance, it works well paired with soft blues, creams and forest greens for a cottage garden or modern style.

To find the entire collection, visit the David Austin website.

You can purchase direct on our website in wraps of 12 (through the auctions) or 48 (direct from the growers).

Stay tuned this June for more interesting guides, how to demonstrations, different flower varieties and top tips, on using garden roses in flower arrangements for weddings, events, for gifts or simply to decorate your home.

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