Pastel colour palettes are extremely popular during Spring and Summer. This week we have a beautiful combination of flower varieties to share with you! Each flower is unique in shape and form and they all match with each other wonderfully, don’t you think?

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Flowers used in the Floral Poke Bowl

  1. Rose Babyface – Popular with her name as much as her appearance, this rose is extremely popular for weddings and events for a soft pink colour palette. A relatively small rose, but ideal for table arrangements and in bridal bouquets.
  2. Rose Wham – This multi-petaled rose has a punchy name and it is a brilliant pink with a medium to large head size, ideal for all types of floral design.
  3. Rose Spray Bombastic – Another popular flower that is very popular for wedding and event work. The ‘family’ of Bombastic spray roses are relatively large headed spray roses available in white and pinks.
  4. Limonium Safari Oshi Pink – This beautiful flower offers a feathery, light feel to your floral design available in pink, lilac, white and yellow. Ideal filler flower.
  5. Clematis Amazing London – Becoming a popular flower to work with in wedding and event work, Clematis is available in lilac, purple and mauve and works really nicely as a filler flower to add depth and interest to designs.
  6. Ranunculus Elegance White Ex – Seasonal flower, another extremely popular flower for its appearance; it can suit any style and floral design available in a huge range of colours, small to large.
  7. Peony Sarah Bernhardt – This sought-after wedding favourite is a beautiful bi-coloured Peony and is the most common / highest production on the market.
  8. Gypsophila Starburst – This small headed gypsophila is neater than the large, but still offers a beautiful effect when choosing to arrange into bouquets and other floral designs.
  9. Hydrangea Colombian Blue – Hydrangea, speaks for itself! There are very limited flower varieties sold in ‘natural’ blue colour palette, so take advantage of this fantastic bloom!
  10. Dusty Miller (Senecio Maritima) – A silvery/grey foliage that works beautifully in this colour palette to create a soft, romantic style. Ideal if you are looking for an alternative for Eucalyptus.

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Comment below and share what other flowers that you think would work perfectly in this mix of flowers 👇


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