Raise awareness for World Ovarian Cancer Day! #WOCD #ovariancanceraction



28,000 white roses with symptoms cards attached distributed to cities in UK sourced (sourced from Triangle Nursery)


A woman dies from Ovarian Cancer every two hours in the UK, and yet the diagnosis is often slow and treatment is limited. Early detection is the best means of improving survival rates, but 82% of UK women are unaware of the main symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. The Ovarian Cancer Action are determined to change this, but they need your help! Each rose represents a British woman living with the disease and serves as a symbol of hope for a world without ovarian cancer.

You can find all the information here.


The charity, Ovarian Cancer Action are distributing thousands of white roses in cities across the UK and Northern Ireland on #WOCD to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer on 8th May. Across the cities in UK and Belfast, volunteers are handing out white roses to passers by to raise a voice in the fight against Ovarian Cancer and identify the symptoms to help early detection! Spread your voice today and make an impact.


See photographs below of our team in action – organising and tagging the roses for distribution ready for volunteers to hand out on Wednesday 8th May. 

Triangle Nursery - Wholesale Flowers Direct UK

Triangle Nursery - Wholesale Flowers Direct UK

Triangle Nursery Ltd - Wholesale Flowers Direct UK

Triangle Nursery Ltd - Wholesale Flowers Direct UK

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  1. You and your team are as beautiful as your flowers…. thank you for being there for us. Xx

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