Minimalistic style is on the rise for the year ahead. As we all know, weddings can be expensive in all aspects, from dresses, venues to decor. Couples have been finding that the less is more approach to be of a greater value – being more savvy with your budget is imperative!

On this blog, we have explored different ways on how you can adopt the minimalistic style with the wedding flowers – but still achieving amazing wedding decor!

Single Flower Bouquets

Minimalist bouquets are all the rage and have been popular for years. Does Gypsophila bridesmaid bouquets ring a bell? Yes, Gypsophila has become one of the most popular white flowers to use for weddings and it is typically used alone or with roses for bridesmaids bouquets, flower crowns and flower baskets. This style of bouquet can be used for any type of flowers, but in particular you can use more opulent, unique and interesting flower varieties such as hydrangeas, sunflowers and delphiniums. If you are looking for a more relaxed, rustic style wedding, this style is perfect for you, low maintenance and relatively stress-free!

Hayward-Reeve Wedding 2017 (11)


This DIY bride did exactly that Рusing Hydrangeas to create a minimalist bouquet for a relaxed style wedding in the countryside. Find more photographs here on Love My Blog


Photography – Lucy Little

Fish Bowls

Similar to bouquets, table centres come in all shapes and sizes. There are tonnes of ways that you can display flowers or different decor on your tables. Fish Bowls are just one container that you can use adopting a minimalist approach. For example, add some water to the base, use decorative grasses inside creating a sphere for interest, float roses or germinis and add submersible lights for when the lights are low to create ambience. Viola! It really is that simple! Discover more ways in which you use fish bowls to create a wedding centrepiece on one of our How to video guides here.




On trend, low maintenance and meets all of the ‘less’ approach requirements. All you need now is some greenery. Creating garlands can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. If you want to lean toward the simple option, Soft ruscus is your solution. Versatile and hardy, this type of greenery is perfect for creating garlands for table runners, archways and circlets; the list is endless.

Duncan and Kirsten August 2017 3


If you would like to add further texture and interest to the garland, you can always add other greenery, for instance Eucalyptus, Pittosporum (variegated), asparagus fern, olive branches, hard ruscus and other varieties to achieve your desired look. Watch our step-by-step guide on How to Create your Own Garland to aid your planning.

There are many ways you can adopt a minimalist style for your wedding, and not just with the wedding flowers. Remember that trends are only trends, and it is important to focus on your vision, translating your style and personality into your wedding decor. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder and only you make your day the most beautiful.

Comment below with more ideas of How couples can adopt a minimalistic approach to their wedding day with flowers and other aspects of the wedding. We would love to hear!

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