With Valentine’s just around the corner, we are here to help you prepare you with 18 gorgeous ruby red flowers to use in arrangements, spread the love and give as a gift this February! From Roses to Cestrum: all these flowers will add personality to V-day designs.



Red Valentine’s Flowers

  1. Spray Rose Rubicon –  If you are looking for a filler flower to add some classical romance to your bouquet or centerpiece, why not have a look at this gorgeous deep red Spray Rose.
  2. Mitsumata Dyed Red– These sturdy branches are perfect for larger sizes Valentine’s designs in shop windows, for events or even for your wedding centrepieces.
  3. Rose Madam Red – In amongst hundreds of different red roses, here we have the Madam Red Rose. This flower variety cannot be missed in your Valentine’s offering; long associated with beauty and perfection, red roses are a time-honored way to say “I love you.” The Madam Red rose opens beautifully and has a good vase life.
  4. Genista – The little flowers of Genista bring happiness to any design! In pink, this product is Valentine’s-proof!
  5. Bouvardia Red – This fiery variety is a great filler in your bouquets, with an interesting structure and great colour, bouvardia is perfect in your designs.
  6. Carnation Grand Slam – The deep red color of this carnation adds pure romance to your floral arrangements.
  7. Carnation Star Fire – If you are looking for a flower to spice up your designs, StarFire has an excellent colouring.
  8. Freesia Red Passion – When the buds of Red Passion open up, they don’t only look stunning, but they smell stunning too! Holding the meaning of Innocence, Thoughtfulness and Trust.
  9. Cestrum Red Zohar – Cestrum is a less familiar flower, but therefore a perfect one to use if you want to create modern designs.
  10. Tulip Strong Love – A relative of the famous yellow Tulip Strong Gold, with a breathtaking big, red flower. A bunch of red tulips is associated with love. Therefore, red tulips meaning include eternal love, undying love, perfect love and true love.
  11. French Tulip Kingsblood – French Tulip have longer stems, are easy to bend and can be used very well in modern designs!
  12. Double Tulip Championship – When Championship opens up, it has beautiful red petals with a white edge.
  13. Ranunculus Cloony Tango – The enormous Cloony Ranunculi are bursting with love!  Ranunculus blooms are best known for their delicate petals and wide colour variety! We especially love the varieties in a deep red variety.
  14. Hypericum Tomato Flair – Try a different red Hypericum variety; try Tomato Flair! Hypericum is the ideal filler, hardy and perfect to add interest and texture to hand tied bouquets, vase designs and tributes.
  15. Germini Suri – Happiness and romance united in one single flower: that is the dark-hearted Suri.
  16. Double Tulip Vero Red Fire -Vero Red Fire has a touch of green in its petals, and looks fresh and pretty!
  17. Anemone Galil Red – Simple, yet striking. Anemones, with their jet-black centres, this bloom is favourited by all and are starting to make their appearance at the flower market right now!
  18. Spray Rose Mirabel – Mirabel is a stunning Spray Rose and is very versatile! Therefore it cannot be missed in our favorite red Valentine’s flowers!

For all of the products mentioned, they are all available on the website here. For further inspiration ideas, visit our Pinterest board.


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