House plants are certainly back in vogue! Low maintenance, simple to care for and the easiest way to inject your home with nature, there is no surprise houseplants are popular! As well as looking good, houseplants are said to come with the added advantage of health benefits, from purifying the air, improving our mental health to healing powers. The health benefits should consider them as a necessity rather than a luxury or an object of decoration, because quite honestly good health comes first, and it should never be out of style!

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Benefits include:

  1. Improved mood
  2. Reduced stress levels
  3. Increased productivity
  4. Improved attention span
  5. Increased pain tolerance
  6. Reduced blood pressure
  7. Reduced fatigue

Aloe Vera for First Aid

Stylish and practical addition to your home environment. The succulent plant is said to purify the air of two chemicals commonly found in household cleaning products – formaldehyde and benzene.

Aloe Vera Plant is a popular home remedy. The gel inside the leaves are full of vitamins and anti-bacterial properties making it ideal for treating minor cuts and burns like sunburn.

Peace Lily to Purifying Air

One of the most popular houseplant used to filter and purify the air. Not only is it an attractive plant with white flowers, it has multiple benefits, it is low maintenace and it can reside in various areas of your home to benefit

There are many pollutants present in your home and the peace lily is one such plant that can absorb chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and carbon monoxide effectively (NASA experiment).

If placed in a bathroom, the dampness provides a thriving environment for the plant for mildrew and mold, usually on curtains or tile grout. The peace lily will also absorb excess moisture from the surrounding air.

If placed in a bedroom, you are in for a good nights sleep! Said to filter the indoor air and help in reducing the Volatile Organic Compounds. Absorbing the airborne mold spores, a common allergen and helps you have a restful sleep.

Along with these amazing benefits, according to Feng shui, the peace lily is associated with positive energy and adds a peaceful touch to the room.

Pet Friendly Spider Plant

The resilient spider plant is an excellent choice if you are also an animal lover. This plant is non-toxic to animals, easy to care for you and will quietly battle common environmental toxins in the air.

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