Discover first hand, Ellie and Paul’s experience using wholesale flowers for their DIY wedding in mid October last year.

Images supplied by Red Sweets Photography (@redsweetsphotography)

Ellie & Paul Wedding - 17th October
Red Sweets Photography

‘We decided to do our own wedding flowers as soon as we booked the wedding which was a year before. The main reason behind this was due to the cost of having a florist supply the arrangements for us which unfortunately was not in our budget’ – Ellie, the bride.

DIY Weddings with Triangle Nursery
Red Sweets Photography

‘However, I personally loved every moment of the preparation, from the months in advance to the 48 hours running up to the big day. Watching hours of Triangle, how to videos = they were a god send for a complete floral novice!’

What was the best part about doing your own wedding flowers?

‘The best part was the flexibility. We could change our ideas up to the last moment of ordering and the ability to balance the cost accordingly. I absolutely love being creative and this was an amazing opportunity for us to design and make all of the arrangements!’

DIY Wedding Flower Experience with Triangle Nursery
Red Sweets Photography
DIY Wedding Flower Experience with Triangle Nursery
Red Sweet Photography

What was the most memorable part of the day?

‘For us, the most memorable moments of the wedding were firstly the ceremony quickly followed by seeing our wedding breakfast room filled with everything we had spent months planning and making, and to see the flowers finally fill the designs. It was just amazing!’

DIY Wedding Flower Experience with Triangle Nursery
Red Sweets Photography

How did you decide on the flowers for your wedding?

‘Our selection of flowers were closely linked to an autumnal theme as it is our favourite time of year. We wanted lots of colour linked to the season and the flowers wer received from Triangle Nursery were outstanding! As an example, we ordered 70cm and 80cm roses and the head sizes were phenomenal. In particular, the Miss Piggy roses opened to a stunning size by the time of the reception. I was completely blown away.’

For just shy of £300 in mid October, we managed to create the following arrangements;

  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Bridesmaid Bouquet
  • Flower Girls (2)
  • Buttonholes (5)
  • 14″ inch wreahts (2)
  • 6″ Posy pads inside domes (2)
  • Small Vases (2)
  • Large Thank you Bouquets (2)
DIY Wedding Flower Experience with Triangle Nursery
Red Sweets Photography

Do you have any advice for a bride-to-be or family members who are interested in DIYing their wedding flowers?

I would personally highly recommend doing your own flowers, if you have the time and patience, and definitely buy all you need from Triangle. I contacted them a number of times during our preparations and the team were always quick to respond. We checked on recommendations for particular flower colours and also about the preparation of buttonholes. Thank you so much to Triangle Nursery for supplying such amazing flowers.


Flowers: Triangle Nursery Wholesale Flowers

Photography: Red Sweets Photography


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