Planning your wedding can be a wonderful and exciting time! The good news is that a small budget doesn’t mean sacrificing a beautiful wedding. With smart planning and creative solutions, you can keep your cool and your coin.

The Guest List

Narrowing down your guest list is no easy task if you have a large family! I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty self explanatory to say the more guests = more expense! More people means a bigger venue, more food and drinks, more centrepieces etc. Most couples will split the difference and try to balance having their nearest and dearest at their wedding day.

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Credit: Nouba

Although not everyone’s (not mine) cup of tea, an option would be to live stream the wedding on video for those friends and family who may not be able to travel, couples with young children and those acquaintances that didn’t make the guest list on the day! There are plenty of online services that let you set up live streaming including Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo. Just make sure you have a test run to make sure there are no problems on the big day!

The Dress

The most important part of the planning is of course the dress. Quite often it is the first thing the bride considers after getting engaged and slipping that brand new engagement ring! From second-hand dresses, ASOS bridal to sample sales, there are a number of ways you can be savvy with your money and still look amazing for your wedding day! You never know what gems you are going to find and at a fraction of the price!

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Credit: ASOS

Stepping out of the norm and opting for a less traditional option is another option for your wedding dress. Look for a dress at a regular retailer or daring to be different and going for a dress other than white! Your options really are limitless!

The Flowers

They say that the norm is to spend approximately 10% of the overall budget on your wedding flowers. Now, if you budget is £30,000, this gives you a £3,000 budget on your wedding flowers (or more if you would like elaborate designs). While this is possibly not the most expensive part of your day, like your venue etc, it is still a large expense that many underestimate and could be avoided if you are savvy!

Heather & Paul (4).jpg

Credit: DIY Wedding – Heather and Paul (Triangle Nursery Ltd) 

For the crafty couples, DIY is a great option helping you save those pennies and great for bonding with your friends and family that you may need to rope in for some extra help! Does it require some extra time? Definitely. But if you are committed and prepared, the basics are not too hard to master. Whether you’ve got a budget to rival the royals or you’re the queen of DIY, planning your wedding day takes commitment and creativity. Most of all, remember to enjoy the process and keep your eyes on the prize!

No matter what your budget is, seasonal and AYR (all year round) varieties are going to give you the best value and price tag! Triangle Nursery ships directly from the Dutch Auctions or farms straight to your doorstep, which means the freshest in-season blooms.

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Credit: DIY Wedding – Kerri and Russell (Triangle Nursery Ltd) 

For more tips on planning your wedding flowers, visit the Triangle Nursery’s website here or contact them directly at 01394 385 832.


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