Yes, black! While not to everyone’s taste, black is surprisingly on trend this year and can be easily incorporated into your wedding colour scheme. See below to view how…

Black doesn’t tend to be a typical wedding colour we see at weddings, but why? Could it be avoided due to its negative connotations and perhaps a faux pas? After all, weddings are supposed to be colourful affairs, aren’t they? However, you will be surprised to hear that more and more couples are introducing the colour black into their wedding scheme to add impact and a dramatic effect.

The key is in how you incorporate the colour, steering clear of all-black and instead adding elegant touches complemented by berry tones, brighter shades, glitzy golds or  clean whites. If you are thinking of using black at your wedding day, here are a few ways you could incorporate the colour…

Starting with the main event, the dress.

Black Wedding Dress
Instagram: //
Instagram: @sweetestthingevents // Source: Huffington Post


Black Wedding Dress 3.png
Instragram: @frykmanphotography // Dress: @bekahbea

You might be interested to know the meaning of the colour black.. Black symbolises power, control and implies submission to another (including a sexual partner).. The colour black creates a mood of elegance, protection and it’s certainly a mystery.  Choosing black as your wedding color indicates that you may be conventional, conservative and serious, or sophisticated, elegant and dignified.

Your maids 

Bridesmaids Black Dresses.png
Instagram: @jasminestar

and maybe some quaint Accessories?

Wedding Shoes 1.png

Wedding Shoes // Instagram: radiancebride // Source: roxanne_davison

Next on my list is Stationary

From start to finish, you can incorporate the colour black into your theme. From the moment  you send out your ‘Save the Date’ invitations to your guests, black can be used as a striking canvas with additional colours from golds, whites and berry red. To keep it consistent, why not continue your colour theme to your place settings, table plan and numbers.

Black Invitations.png
Invitations by LavenderCalligraphy on @etsy
Stationery by @robynlovesteele

To follow, consider the decor

Starting with the venue, consider the type of venue that you are holding the reception in and how it can be used to complement your ideas for the decor. Glamorous and glitzy themed weddings lend itself well, opting for the monochromatic colour scheme, accented with diamante details, twinkly lighting to bring your venue to life in the dark of the night. Ornate candelabras, black candles and plates offer an enchanting table set-up if complemented with florals. & have you considered an art deco theme? With 1920’s styling, art deco would certainly work beautifully to a black theme. Using black and gold in your decor or even your florals (dyed foliage and flowers).

Black Wedding Decor 3.png

Instagram: @sadiesfloralNow to the florals, my favourite (bias, of course)

Going straight to the point, there isn’t a naturally black flower in the flower market, but there are close alternatives to consider, from Black Baccara Roses, Cosmos Black Beauty, Calla Lily Cantor to Phlox Blind Lion or of course, there are dyed flowers and greenery that might catch your eye. Alternatively, to complement your already black decor with florals of a different tone, I would opt for rich berry shades, softer pinks and peachs, glamorous golds or even elegant whites. There are almost too many choices that you could opt for to complement your black theme. For more, visit the website

Bridesmaids Black Dresses
Instagram: @carolinecastigliano // Flower: Gypsophila // Flower Colours: White

and of course, don’t forget your statement cake.

Wedding Cake Black
Instagram: @100_layercake
Wedding Cake Black 2.png
Instagram: @materialgirlsweddings //
Wedding Cake Black 3
Instagram: @eatdrinkerie

For more ideas, visit our themed Pinterest board.

If you are interested in finding flowers and greenery for your big day, visit our website at or visit our Pinterest board with lots of inspiration and ideas.


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