This February, our team have been inspired by the romantic and tranquil birth colour, Sheer Lilac. We have explored a huge range of beautiful flower varieties in the pretty, popular palette, as well as creating different floral designs, from weddings, funerals to home decor.

Introduction to Sheer Lilac.png

February babies are progressive, detached and uplifting, accordingly to Colorstrology (by Michelle Bernhardt). February is represented by the colour Sheer Lilac and the flower of the month is Violet (which is rather fitting!). If you are a February baby, do you display these personality characteristics? Comment in the box below. 

Across the course of the month, we are creating how to guides relevant to the colour Caramel in 5 different areas of floral design (1) Weddings (2) Funeral (3) Home Decor (4) Corporate and finally (5) Simple Vase Design. Discover our top 3 designs that we made in February below…

Lilac-Inspired Wedding Bouquet

The new blush – soft, subtle and dreamy. Lilac is a very popular wedding colour palette to use, incorporating tones of lavender, lilac and mauve into the design. Glamour, vintage or rustic? This palette works well in all styles and themes of wedding designs.

Watch the full version on how to make this bouquet.


Lilac-Inspired Funeral Tribute

The colour invokes the qualities of humanity and kindness. It allows us to experience our friends and community as family.

Watch the full version on how to make this tribute here


Stay tuned for next month’s birth colour in March (where is the year going!). We have more exciting flower varieties and content planned for you in March and across the year!


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