August has been a VERY busy month for Triangle Nursery, continually expanding in house and online. Every day, every week we see more and more flower varieties, introduced to new customers and send out wonderful orders that our customers put together.

Here is a snapshot of the new and interesting flower varieties that are NEW or coming back into the season. We are here to inspire, educate and show you flowers available in August. They range in colour, shape, size and fragrance suiting different styles and events. Keep reading for this week’s New Blooms to Market.

Cynara – Artichoke Heads

Find here under Seasonal Flowers

Unusual, unique, interesting. All of which describe Cynara perfectly. Cynara, artichoke heads are large focal flowers that have been popular in recent years to use in floristry. Ideal for rustic or cottage garden designs.

Cynara Artichoke Heads - Wholesale Flowers for everyone!

Eupatorium Purpureum

Find here under Seasonal Flowers

A pretty filler flower that is seasonal on the flower market. Offering a similar softening effect to gypsophila, alchemilla mollis or sedum, Eupatorium can be found in white/green, light or deep pink.

Eupatorium Purpureum - Wholesale Flowers for Everyone!

Gomphrena Cherry Pink

Find here under Seasonal Flowers

This dainty round-shaped flower inflorescences are a visually dominant. This cherry little clover look-alike bloom is seasonally available at the flower market. Available in a range of colours, from delicate white, lilac, orange, rich red to shocking pink.

Gomphrena Cherry Pink - Top Pick this August 2019

Helenium Autumn Fire

Find here under Seasonal Flowers

Sneak peak into the colours of Autumn, this seasonal velvet-textured flower with soft middles injects a dazzling into your floral designs. They are available in shades of orange, yellow and rich reds in a daisy-like flower.

Helenium Autumn Fire - Tops Picks this August 2019!

Banksia Coccinea

Find here under Tropical Flowers

Late July into early August, there has been a spectacular array of Banksia available on the flower market. They come in shades of red, orange, white and even purple! Banksia are a member of the Protea family of flowers. Made up of hundreds (even, thousands) of tiny individual flowers grouped together in pairs.

Wholesale Cut Banksia - Top Picks this August 2019

Physalis Chinese Lantern

Find here under Seasonal Flowers

As we move into the latter part of the year, it is important to stay up to date with the times. Decorate and style shop windows, offices and events this spectacular cut flower.

Physalis Wholesale Flowers - Top Picks this August!

 Hydrangea Magical Revolution Blue

Find here under Hydrangea

Spectacular, opulent star-shaped flowers that are extremely popular in the summer and autumn season for weddings and events. They come in a huge array of colour tones from elegant white, pastel lilac, shocking pink and blue to classic vintage hues. Unusual in colour tone this Hydrangea is a classic and ideal for all types of events.

Hydrangea Magical Revolution Blue - Top Picks this August

Amaranthus Green Spider

Find here under Amaranthus

Back in season, this flower variety is available in hanging and upright styles. Popular for autumnal designs, this is ideal if you are looking to create a drape and inject a warm colour palette. They are typically available in green, claret and cream.

Amaranthus Green Spider - Top Picks this August!

Allium Ambassador

Find here under Alliums & Ornithogalum

Add height to your flower arrangements with statement alliums. Ambassador and Giganteum alliums are large, cadbury purple strulptured, spherical blooms are popular for their look. It is worth noting that they are related to the onion family and thus do have a fragrance.

Allium Ambassador - Top Picks for August!

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