Cold, wet and dreary, when the weather is like it is outside, it’s the perfect time to bring sunshine into your home with flowers. Feast your eyes on this week’s ‘New Blooms to Market’ featuring deep red calla lilies, seasonal foliage and rattan baskets. 

One of our favourite blogs recently is exploring the website and discovering the new and exciting products that are back on the market for all to buy! Quite literally the website is an ever moving picture, every day, every week, we see more and more fantastic and unusual flower varieties arrive to the market; we are here to inspire, educate and show you what is available!

Continue reading to find our top picks in this week’s special of ‘New Blooms to Market!’

Calla Lily Red Charm

We continue to receive enquiries for flowers to incorporate in a berry-licious colour palette, mauves, claret, burgundy paired with champagne or blush pink tones.

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Blue Spruce 10kg (Small Pieces – ideal for wreath making)

If you are looking to create five or six 12″ wreaths, we would estimate you would need 1 bag of the Natural English Moss and half of the Blue Spruce 10kg bag.

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Blue Spruce (10Kg Wreath Making Pieces)

Spruce Tree Shape

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Anemone Mistral + Violet Super

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Rattan Baskets

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Rattan Basket - Large Round Grey

Chrysanthemum Blooms (sgl) Fred Shoesmith

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Chrysant sgl. Fred Shoesmith

Euphorbia Sunstream

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Euphorbia Sunstream

Rose Charlene De Monaco

Finally, the garden roses in wraps of 12 stems are back at market and ready to buy! Discover a huge selection of different garden roses sourced through the Dutch Auctions here. Alternatively, you can purchase direct from the growers available in wraps of 48 stems with a lead time of 2 weeks, discover here.

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Rose Charlene de Monaco

Hippeastrum Autumn Valley

A christmas favourite, Amaryllis is a statement bloom that is popular in December to decorate home interiors and give away as gifts.

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Find all of the ingredients and more on the website here.



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