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How to Demonstrations and Flower Guides with Triangle Nursery
DIY & Planning

DIY Floral Wellie Boots

Are you having a rustic or country garden styled wedding or event? We have the perfect arrangement for you in quite an unusual container… A Wellington boot! Watch, share and be inspired by our fun, playful DIY arrrangement to create this April for your home with your childeren or to style up an event. 

Blog Bouquet Breakdowns

Star of the Show

This week captures the essence of nature with a loose, ‘just picked’ style. Heather’s bridal bouquet uses a combination of spring flowers in whites, blues and pink colour shades. Continue reading to find more photographs of this DIY Wedding Bouquet and the ingredients used.. Ingredients: Nigella Dam. Blue, Setaria Highlander, Bupleurum, Stocks Aida Apricot, Peony …

Blog Bouquet Breakdowns

Natural, ‘just picked’ style

This week’s ‘What’s in My Bouquet?‘ is a natural, ‘just picked’ look,  bursting with unusual elements such as grasses, ferns, fruits and herbs. Aprille and Chris got married in late September last year at Copdock Barns in the heart of Suffolk. Continue reading to view the ingredients of the bouquet and for more photographs (images via …