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One of our favourite New Flower Blooms to Market at this time of year is the Helleborus. From the Ranunculaceae family, the botanical name Helleborus is derived from the Greek word elein meaning ‘to take away’ and bora, meaning ‘food’. The root of the plant induces vomiting, hence the name’s origin.

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Cut Costs with Carnations

Carnations aren’t the most sought after flower for wedding or event flowers for that matter! Many brides are still stuck in the mindset that carnations are old fashioned, a cheap variety that you give our on Mother’s Day or at Fundraisers, but we are here to set the record straight once and for all!

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Astilbe, this delicate, feathery flower is popular and favourited by many for its look and style for weddings flowers. All of the twenty species (and ever expanding) of Astilbe belong to Saxifragaceae family. By origin, it is grown in mountain ravines and woodland areas in China and Japan. The German Botanist, George Arends introduced the …