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September Flowers - Triangle Nursery
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Flowers in Season: September

Autumn. What do you associate with the autumn? September is a time when the seasons will begin to change, flowers and plants bear fruit, heavy with seeds and harvest festivals will begin. Capture the warmth and beauty of the season with the fabulous fall hues, rich reds, deep oranges and buttery yellows. Celebrate the natural …

Flowers in Season in November
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Flowers in Season: November

November brings cooler night and cloudy days. You may think that there are fewer flowers available, but never fear there is a fabulous selection to find in beautiful rich colour palettes, varying shapes and sizes. Below is a list of the flowers in season in November: A Aconitum (Monkshood) –  Tall spiky flowers, long lasting but poisonous …

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Flowers in Season: June

June is a fabulous month for a wedding. It’s when British Summer Time officially begins, and the days are at their longest! There is an amazing range of flowers available at the market, varying in colour, shape, size and colour. Below we have a list of the flowers you can find during June. A Achillea (Yarrow) – …