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Love is in the Air!

Get Prepped for this Valentines! What’s Valentine’s Day without Roses? Our buyer selected this year’s beauties to take advantage of this February! Be inspired by the lovely Valentine’s Roses in this post. Source This Year’s Trendy Valentine’s Roses Rose Madam Red – One of our Valentine’s favorites! The big flower of Madam Red opens up beautifully. Rose …

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One of our favourite New Flower Blooms to Market at this time of year is the Helleborus. From the Ranunculaceae family, the botanical name Helleborus is derived from the Greek word elein meaning ‘to take away’ and bora, meaning ‘food’. The root of the plant induces vomiting, hence the name’s origin.

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Autumn Flower Mix #1

This week’s cooler mix is full of life and energy similar to the summer vibes. A combination of cheerful colours, yellow, orange and bright pinks partnered with classic coloured Hydrangeas. Surprise your partner, enhance your floral designs for an event or add a burst of colour to your home with these marvellous flowers! Below, explore …