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September Flowers - Triangle Nursery
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Flowers in Season: September

Autumn. What do you associate with the autumn? September is a time when the seasons will begin to change, flowers and plants bear fruit, heavy with seeds and harvest festivals will begin. Capture the warmth and beauty of the season with the fabulous fall hues, rich reds, deep oranges and buttery yellows. Celebrate the natural …

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One of our favourite New Flower Blooms to Market at this time of year is the Helleborus. From the Ranunculaceae family, the botanical name Helleborus is derived from the Greek word elein meaning ‘to take away’ and bora, meaning ‘food’. The root of the plant induces vomiting, hence the name’s origin.

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There is nothing shy about Hydrangeas!

Hydrangea  Wholesale Hydrangeas are one of the most spectacular flowers available on the wholesale flower markets. There is nothing shy about Hydrangeas… their enormous blooming pom-poms with star-shaped blooms epitomise beauty! You have most definitely chosen wisely, if you decide to purchase these!! Hydrangea combines the Greek words “hydor” meaning water and “angeion”meaning vessel Originating …