Get Prepped for this Valentines!

What’s Valentine’s Day without Roses? Our buyer selected this year’s beauties to take advantage of this February! Be inspired by the lovely Valentine’s Roses in this post.

Valentine Roses - Trendy


This Year’s Trendy Valentine’s Roses

  1. Rose Madam Red – One of our Valentine’s favorites! The big flower of Madam Red opens up beautifully.
  2. Rose Duett – Look at the gorgeous flamed petals of Duett; from peach to burgundy tones. So romantic!
  3. Rose Spray Pink Flash – Pink Flash spices up every V-day bouquet! Hot pink and light pink are beautifully present in each petal.
  4. Rose Spray Lianne – A real eye-catcher and a perfect filler.
  5. Rose Blueberry – The purplish, burgundy color of Blueberry is extraordinary! Great to use in bohemian spirited designs.
  6. Rose Sweet Avalanche – Classic romance is exactly the right description of this beautiful, creamy colored big headed Rose.
  7. Rose Very Cute – We just love this Rose! It looks as if it is dip dyed, and the petals in the heart are shaped in a breathtaking way. A real surprise for your customers!
  8. Rose Red Eye – Red Eye is a one of a kid variety, with its green, sturdy heart and the Ranunculus like bud shape.
  9. Rose Spray Odilia – A great filler, with a good amount of buds on each stem and a perfect Valentine’s pink!
  10. Rose Spray Rubicon – Rubicon adds love to each design with its lovely deep red colored flowers.

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