A Tranquil Mix

Another marvellous selection of beautiful flowers to show to you, from the AYR classics to sought after seasonals. Brown Cymbidiums, beautiful white of the Lisianthus, pastel coloured Ranunculus and Hypericum in great fall colors!

Cooler Beauts WK 45 | Holex Flower

  1. Lisianthus Megalo Blue Flash – Featuring in this week’s New Blooms to market, this lisianthus is a beauty! Blue, white with a yellow heart. This Lisianthus is simply breathtaking. Ideal to add to any floral design for a intermediate or filler flower.
  2. Cymbidium Charly Brown – Great for the current fall period with it’s deep brown colour. If you are looking bring the outdoors in (with added class!), add cymbidiums to a vase in your home interior – trust me, it will look stunning!
  3. Ranunculus Cloony Super Grand Pastel – This seasonal delight is in a beautiful, peachy pastel colour tone. The clooney varieties are known for their size and grade. Very popular for weddings and events.
  4. Lisianthus Celeb White – Another variety that is available AYR (all year round) is the Lisianthus – this variety is utter perfection with it’s frilly petals and pure white colour palette. Popular for weddings and events for filler flowers.
  5. Ranunculus Cloony Super Hanoi– One of the most famous Ranunculus varieties and do you blame them? It’s certainly no suprise with their pastel pink colour hue.
  6. Hypericum Magical Dawn– With it’s dark, red almost brown colour this Hypericum adds depth and warmth to any floral design.
  7. Hypericum Coco Avanti– Continuing with the pastel theme, this Hypericum variety is perfectly suited with it’s nude, salmon colour.
  8. Mini Cymbidium Sakura – With a light brown color and shades of orange, this mini Cymbidium is great for smaller flower designs.
  9. Chrysanthemum Spray Haydar – Although just a chrysant some would say, this variety is particularly eye-catching with it’s deep raspberry colour tone with striking white edges.

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