DIY Everyday Flowers - How to Guides

Discover this week’s Make your Own Recipe with our easy to follow guide and recipe. This floral arrangement certainly packs a punch and is sure to impress at a wedding, event, corporate or even in your home interior.

Continue reading to discover the recipe for this luxury centrepiece, along with the step by step guide.

Time: 15 to 20 minutes | Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Overwhelming Centerpiece | Holex Flower



Start by gathering all of the ingredients for your recipe, you will need:

Find all of the ingredients for the above recipe on the website here.

Step by Step Guide:

  1.  Start by adding the Hydrangea to the vase container
  2. Next, add the Lilies to the design – make sure you keep the stems of the lilies quite long and position them in the vase using the spiral effect with the stems.
  3. Fill in the gaps with the remaining stems of the Spray roses and Bouvardia making sure you create a balanced finish.

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