Cool Autumn Mix - Colour Ideas

Colour. Striking, out-loud colour is usually associated with summer, however this month, we are embracing the marvellous array of flowers available in Autumn that add energy and life to your floral designs.

Cooler Beauts WK 43 | Holex Flower



  1. Freesia Double Soleil – This vibrant yellow freesia is ideal for all types of floral arrangements.
  2. Pernettya Mucronata – When you use Pernettya in your designs, you don’t need much more other flowers to attract the attention. This flower is seasonal and is perfect to add a berry texture.
  3. Calla Lily Autumn Mix – All the popular autumn colours are in this assortment. So much to choose from and perfect as a focal or intermediate flower in all types of floral designs.
  4. Pieris Japonica Purity – One of the few natural brown flowers. Great for small flower designs.
  5. Ajania Pacifica Yellowday – If you are looking to add a touch of vibrancy to your flower arrangements, this is perfect flower variety. An alternative would be Solidago.
  6. Freesia Double Honeymoon – The colour of this Freesia is very warm. Did you know that Freesia is a symbol of unconditional love, innocence, and trust?
  7. Rosa Peach Avalanche – If you’re looking for a romantic fall rose, this would be perfect for you! Such a sweet pastel colour.
  8. Rose Spray Babe – Babe has a very bright and warm color of orange that is very suitable this season to capture the essence of autumn.
  9. Euphorbia Spray Algevo – The Euphorbia has a unique way of flowering, the pastel colour makes this Euphorbia even more special. It is perfect flower variety if you are looking for a trail.
  10. Pieris Cupido – Green and brown are combined in this Pieris variety.

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