Autumnal Mix - Triangle Nursery

Feast your eyes on this warm selection of fall and Halloween flower varieties that we have chosen! Oranges and blacks are accompanied by deep reds and greyish pinks, and together they look just stunning. Cooler Beauts Week 42 | Holex Flower


Top Picks this Autumn:

  1. Ilex Oudendijk’s Orange – Don’t you just love these orange berries? Quite simply, it bursts with autumn light, and that is exactly what we need when the days are getting shorter quickly!
  2. Astilbe Paul Gaarder – The soft, feathery Astilbe is a true fall beauty, and especially the Paul Gaarder variety, with its deep pinkish red color.
  3. Mini Cymbidium Tango Mary Brown – This brown Mini Cymbidium has amazing flowers in a gorgeous deep brown color.
  4. Cymbdium Charly Brown– If you are looking for a nice orange Cymbidium, this is a perfect variety this time of the year,
  5. Hydrangea Ruby Red Classic – Ruby Red fits perfectly in the jewel-toned colour trend of this season. Use it for bohemian of classic styled floral designs. We have several stem lengths available!
  6. Crocosmia Carmine – Oh, those fantastic Crocosmia pods. We just can’t get enough of them! These branches will add texture in a blink of an eye to any design you use them in.
  7. Tulip Orange Princess – One of the prettiest autumnal Tulip varieties available at the moment is Orange Princess. A great vase life, and big bulbs that open up jus wonderful!
  8. Lisianthus Wonderous Brown – A new Lisianthus variety, with lovely small flowers in a pale brown color. Ideal if you are looking to create a natural, earthy colour tone in your arrangements this season.
  9. Asparagus Fern Dyed Black – Asparagus that’s dyed black: perfect for sophisticated Halloween designs. We have dyed Asparagus also available in many other colors, like orange, brown and gold.
  10. Ranunculus Elegance Orange – These orange Ranunculi have a great quality and are a must-have for your autumn range.
  11. Brassica Halloween Black/Orange – Brassica painted with black and orange, a perfect filler for Halloween bouquets! More of a statement and striking flower variety for your arrangements.
  12. Echeveria Orange/Black 12cm – These Echeveria are great to use in small table arrangements, or you can use iron wire to add them to a Halloween bouquet.
  13. Leonotis Leonurus – If you are looking for a distinguished, quirky flower that will turn heads, Leonotis is the flower you are looking for this time of the year!
  14. Euphorbia Sunstream – The romantic little flowers of Euphorbia Sunstream will add love to any fall range. Perfect for wedding designs!

Find all of the varieties mentioned in this blog on the website here, along with some beautiful accessories to add texture, interest and design to your autumn arrangements.