Textured Poke Bowl

This week we are sharing with you an utterly amazing combination of textures that work beautifully not only this season, but to capture this year’s Colour of the Year, Ultra Violet colour scheme. Each flower has a beautiful shape and they all match wonderfully when combined with one another, don’t you think? Combine colours, textures and tones, and be inspired by this textured poke bowl. Keep reading to find out what is in the mix:

Textured Floral Poke Bowl

Flowers We Used in This Textured Floral Poke Bowl:

  1. Amaranthus Caudatus Rosary Red – Quite honestly, this has to be a favourite of mine this season. These fluffy, long cattails have a great burgundy colour and can be used perfectly in high flower arrangements.
  2. Carnation Extasis – Use these amazing looking Carnation in you bohemian bouquet design for an instant wow-factor!
  3. Scabious Blackberry Scoop – This delicate, lovely looking Scabious comes in a dark purple, almost black variety known as Blackberry Scoop lives up to its name!
  4. Trachelium Blue Lake Michigan – This flower variety has a stunning texture that looks really good in every floral design.
  5. Asclepias Ice Ballet – The countless little bulbs of the white coloured Asclepias variety Ice Ballet are even cuter when they open up and the delicate flowers show themselves.
  6. Hydrangea Rodeo Classic – Let’s get the party started with this vintage Hydrangea variety! Rodeo Classic Fiesta has a stunning colour palette with caramel, a hint of green and pale warm lavender.
  7. Rose Dolcetto – This amazing lavender coloured Rose variety is just beautiful and matches great with all tones of purple and blue.
  8. Waxflower Ofir – This flower variety has become increasingly popular for wedding and events.
  9. Eryngium Sirius Questar – The silverish grey colour of Eryngium Sirius Questar is spot-on today’s popular colour trends. The sturdy flowers make this a perfect flower for our textured floral poke bowl!
  10. Hydrangea You & Me Together – Look at those sweet flowers! This Hydrangea really radiates love.

Click here to visit our Pinterest mood board for more flower varieties in this colour tone, as well as great idea incorporating this colour into your arrangements! To conclude, all the flowers in this post are available on our website.