New Blooms to Market!

Every day, every week we see more and more fantastic and unusual flower varieties arrive to the market, whether they are NEW or coming back into season, we are here to inspire, educate and show you what is available!

Ranging in colour, shape, size and fragrance, feast your eyes below for this week’s special of ‘New Blooms to Market!’

Hydrangea Cannon Ball Classic Green / Pink

Toward the latter part of the season, Hydrangea can adopt other hues that look quite vintage known as ‘Classic’ varieties. Available in green, blue, pink and much more. This type of Hydrangea is perfectly suited to an autumnal, vintage or even a pastel wedding or event theme.

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 Calla Lily Black Diamond

Not quite black, this calla lily is a beautiful dark aubergine colour tone.

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Agapanthus Blue (Extra Grade)

Organic (Super Grade) Blue Agapanthus 70cm. Grown in Colombia by St Patricks Flower Farm. Each head is individually protected with a speacial net, the stems are thick & strong and the vase life is superb – these flowers are seriously good!

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Agapanthus Blue (Extra Grade)

Cornflowers Cyanus

They are back, but for how long is the question? If you are looking for a royal blue, wild flower to add to bouquets or to table centres, this flower is perfect.

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Crocosmia In Berry

Are you looking to create a berried texture in an upcoming arrangement for autumn or winter for a wedding, event or special occasion? This could be for you, along with other alternatives Hypericum, Viburnum De Inge or Rose Hips.

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Rose Hips Autumn Flush

As it illustrates in the name, it is perfect for the autumn season. Similar to Crocosmia, Rose Hips lend itself to the season nicely with the berry texture and natural colour palette.

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Gypsophila Bridal Cheer

Frothy, white delicate flowers that are favourited by many and quite frankly last an age. This particular gypsophila is a medium to large headed variety and is suited for weddings and events.

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Gypsophila A1 Bridal Cheer (Medium Headed)

Acacia Luna Argento

Now I know I keep going on about the upcoming season, but Acacia is perfectly suited. Available in a range of different colours and textures, this foliage lends itself to autumnal arrangements with its natural shape and colour palette.

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Acacia Tourner Green

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Acacia Baileyana

See what I mean?

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Gerbera Chiquita

The names of Gerbera (and Germini) are simply amazing, from hobbies, to names, to brands etc they are perfect if you are looking for a bright colourful bloom for a wedding, to brighten a day for a product promotion or a present to a loved one. Available in a huge range of different colours, shapes and sizes.

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Visit our website to view all the of the flower varieties seen on the blog today and for more seasonal flowers available now.






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