Case Study: BOL Foods


Dress Stand for BOL Foods at Stylist Live, Olympia London


Plants, greenery + lots of it!


BOL Foods is a Natural Food Company based in London that aims to make it easy for busy folk to eat less meat + more plants! ‘Eat Plants, Love Life.’ Read more about the company on their website.


With their mission statement ‘Eat Plants, Love Life,’ BOL Foods brief was to surround their stand with natural, real greenery and plants to bring to their brand to life at the Stylist Livein London in November, 2017. Greenery garlands were draped as a backdrop and arrangements were positioned on the beams of the stand to create a living environment for BOL foods to present their product to visitors. See below for more photographs from the initial brief to the complete look!

Progress Photos:

Photographs from the Initial Brief to Completion of Project.

Photo CreditBol Foods

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Thank you for reading my article – I hope you enjoyed reading about our case study for BOL Foods at Stylist Live late last year. Comment below if you have any thoughts, feedback or share any relevant articles or content.

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