Finding the perfect favours for your guests on your wedding day can be a challenge, there are so many ideas out there that can make it a minefield!

But fear not, here at Triangle Nurserywe have come up with a way to make sure those favours find a way into your guests’ hearts, and spread the love on your wedding day! We have 5 top favours that is sure to ‘Let the Love Grow‘…

(1) Firstly, we have to start with the cutest, little dainty potted echeveria plants. Very popular for their appearance, their colours and their low maintenance! Echeveria’s really are the perfect favour.

Image result for echeveria let love grow

They work wonderfully if you would like to dress up your place settings, be it in a zinc bucket, a personalised jam jar or glass vase; whatever you choose, they are bound to look the part!

Image result for echeveria let love grow

For more echeveria plants, click the link here.

(2) ‘Let Love Grow’ seed packets. If you’re worried about the safe return of your potted little plants, why not opt for the seeds option. With the same idea in mind, they are a great idea to spreading the love on your wedding day. I love the two captions below to customise your bags, ‘Let Love Grown Wild’ or ‘Forget Me Not.’

Image result for let the love grow seeds

Image result for let the love grow seeds

What flower seeds will you choose? The meaning behind flowers, and the ‘Language of Flowers’ can help you.

Image result for the language of flowers

Read more about the Language of Flowers, just click here.


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