As in Gypsophila, otherwise known as Baby’s Breath. As in those tiny delicate white flowers that seem to last an age and never fail to make a significant impact whether used in dainty doses or frothy bundles.

I love it. Our brides love it. And so it seems does the world of W-day. So much so, Triangle Nursery have written a blog on it with the Top 9 Ways you can use Gypsophila for an Upcoming Wedding or Event! 

(1) Bouquets

For bouquets, there are the two obvious options here, 100% Gypsophila or a mixture of other flower varieties to add an exquisite edge. The former option, the 100% reminds me of a pretty ‘floral cloud’.

Jack & Katy Lovette Sept 2015 (9).jpg

Or alternatively, if you are looking for a more sumptuous option for your bouquet, opt for the white stuff for your best girls. How can you resist?

Related image

Or of course, add a subtle hint of Gypsophila to your bouquet and your maids with a combination of your other flower varieties to match your colour scheme.

Just before we move on to some ultra-cute flower girl ideas, you might be interested in taking a look at dyed options. If you are looking for that pop of colour with an ethereal edge, take a look at our dyed gyp, available in cooper, gold, silver, cerise, blue, yellow, red, green, you name it we’ve got it! Link: Dyed Gypsophila

Lovettes  (8)

(2) Flower Girls

There is nothing cuter than a flower girl with a gyp flower crown, wand or heart finished with luscious satin ribbon. The perfect accessory for your whimsical fairy tale wedding or event..


Image result for pippa flower girl gypsophila hearts

Top Tip: For little ones especially, using wands, baskets or a heart with a ribbon attached is much easier for them to hold than a traditional bouquet. 

(3) Hair Flowers

Just a simple addition of gyp to you and your maids hair can create beautiful, natural head pieces with a bohemian or festival flavour.

Image result for hair flowers gypsophila

(4) Flower Crowns

Image result for gypsophila hair flowers

Image courtesy of RMW

Afton & Tim Cornwall 2017 2.jpg

Image courtesy of Customer with Triangle Nursery

(5) Pew Ends

For your decor, gypsophila is very versatile and cost effective! If you are thinking how you could use gypsophila to decorate the ceremony, why not add a simple bunch of gyp on your pew ends, tied with lace, colour-scheme ribbon or hung over the back of a chair in a glass bottle or jam jar:


Image courtesy of Triangle Nursery


Image courtesy of Triangle Nursery

(6) Table Arrangements

For your reception pretty much anything goes, especially if you are going for something relaxed and informal. Depending on your colour scheme, and what style/ theme is, will depend on how to use the gypsophila in your table centres..

From extravagant, wow table centres to a combination of dainty, jam jars, glassware or teacups, gypsophila can pretty much suits any style.

Image result for gypsophila spheres

Image result for gyp globes table centres

Image courtesy of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings – Hollie and Paul Wedding

Jam Jars filled with bundles of Gypsophila are favourited by many for their character and charm! They work perfectly if you would like to add some delicate, white flowers around your venue…

Image result for gyp globes table centres

Top Tip: If you are opting for jam jars, head over to our How to Guide on How to Decorate and Transform your Jam Jars at our Blog

(7) Decorative Trees

The list is endless with what you can create with this bundle of froth… Have you considered creating frothy clouds to stand proudly outside the church or your venue?

Acid Green and Cream Themed Wedding

Image courtesy of MAIA Flowers 

(8) Garlands

One thing is for sure now, greenery is most certainly hot this year. If you are creating a garland to be laid across your tables, draped across your table plan or beams to add colour and charm to the venue, a great accompaniment is gyp. Green + white work wonders together, they are pretty & cost effective, where can you go wrong?

Image result for gypsophila heart garland

Image Courtesy of Passion for Flowers 

Image result for soft ruscus and gypsophila garlands

(9) Decorative Letters & Hearts

Letters make a brilliant addition to your decor! Whether you are opting for the romantic LOVE letters (let’s face it, your wedding day is a celebration of your love, so why not shout about it!), hearts or even your initials, it works beautifully as a backdrop for your photographs!

Image result for gypsophila letters

Image result for gypsophila letters

Reading this, I hope you have been inspired by the number of ways you can use gypsophila to add exquisite charm to your wedding day or event, with not only it’s versatility but it’s reduced price tag, it could be the perfect flower for your day.

To view Gypsophila varieties and buy for your event, visit Triangle Nursery on their website or call on 01394 385 832.

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