Finding the perfect favours for your guests on your wedding day can be a challenge, there are so many ideas out there that can make it a minefield!

But fear not, here at Triangle Nurserywe have come up with a way to make sure those favours find a way into your guests’ hearts, stomachs or homes! You’ve just got to ask yourself one simple question, do you want one for the day or one to takeaway? On the day, a wedding favour needs to be intriguing, entertaining or deliciously consumable, whilst the takeaway option needs to be pretty and practical! So, whichever category is for you, we’ve got some ideas to get your in the spirit.


One for the day and to take away 

Lollipops are one of the few sugary wedding favours to be enjoyed on the day and likely to make it past the big day. If you going to do it, why not make it floral to make your place settings oh-so-pretty.


One for the day 

Who doesn’t love a melt in your mouth yummy biscuit with their name on it? A perfect idea to double up as place cards – Just make sure your hungry guests don’t scoff their favours before taking their seat or this might cause seating chaos!


One for the day or to take away 

For the sweet-toothed lovers, there is no better way than to thank you friends, family than with a bag of sweeties. This can be pre-filled with your favourites or add a goodies sweet cart to add decoration to the venue. To be enjoyed on the day or to take away.


One for the day 

Like a signature drink, create your own magic love potion to share with your guests. To be immediately consumed, this boozy love potion will go down a storm with your guests – who knows you might make a love connection for another couple.


One for the day 

Confetti is an important part of any wedding day, so why let it disappear after the ceremony? A small packet for each guest can keep the fun & magic running throughout the day.


One to take away 

Personalised matchboxes make an ideal take away wedding favour. A little reminder to take away with them of your wedding day & they win top points for practicality!


One for the day 

Share your luck with a lottery ticket wedding favour, then these cute personalised envelopes are a great way to do it! Your wedding might go down as the best wedding ever, if there is a winning ticket there!

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One to Take away 

A scrumptious pot of homemade marmalade or jam is a brilliant take-home gift. Opt to personalise a custom tag and a ribbon to match your colour palette or personalise the jar itself; your guests will be able to remember your bid day with their morning toast.


One to take away 

A playful ornament sprayed gold to match your colour scheme, that may also double up as a place setting. This fun characters would be a playful reminder of your wedding day.

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