Valentine’s Day is all about love, and so is your wedding. The perfect time to play matchmaker and pair the two events to create one very special day?


Add soft touches of Valentine’s with small heart accents in the reception room or a touch of red in your flower bouquet or arrangements OR go all out with the Valentine’s theme complete with heart- shaped decor, beautiful red roses, red velvet cake & don’t forget to add cupid’s bow & arrow to your invitations & stationery! Whichever suits you, it’s all about the celebration of your love for one another and there is no wrong way to do that! Here we have a few ideas to get your in the spirit:

To get started, think about Valentine’s Day and what it means to you and your partner. Look at inspiration from your own love story and pull in details that reflect your relationship: when and where you met, how the proposal went down, favourite songs, holidays or your favourite things to do together?

Save the Date

Starting with the ‘Save the Date’ invitations, a chance to kick start your colour theme and entice your guests…


Colour Inspiration

How to choose the colour scheme for your wedding day? Where do you start? From working in the floral industry, we have many brides coming in from all backgrounds, getting inspiration from all walks of life – mainly pinterest being the main culprit! Valentine’s Day is synonymous with pink and red. Depending on your style, you can go with those traditional hues or something quirky and unexpected! Incorporating a combination of rich, berry reds or subtle hints of pinks and sage, or even pair the two, imagine  deep crimson paired with ballet-slipper-pink and some chic metallic accents!


At Triangle Nursery, it’s flowers before anything. Flowers are used to express emotion and mark the most important milestones in our lives! Top tip: Look for ways to personalize your flowers from bouquet wraps to symbolic stems. The Victorians assigned meanings to different blooms — red roses & tulips signify love and passion while lily of the valley represents happiness and purity.  


Photo: Rose Grand Prix, Rose Sweet Avalanche, Rose Pink Avalanche, Eucalyptus Baby Blue, Hypericum Coco Casino, Peony Sarah Bernhardt (NB: Peonies are out of season this time of year, an alternative would be Garden Roses with a similar appearance, shape & scent!) 


Photo: Rose Red Naomi, Rose White Naomi and Hypericum Coco Tango 

Roses on Valentine’s Day are a given. But other blooms can be just as romantic and stylish. Amaryllis is one showy winter flower that’s dramatic and gorgeous. For a rich contrast, mix deep red calla lilies, hypericum, ranunculus or anemones.


Photo: Rose Naomi, Calla Lily Red Adair, Hypericum Magical Seasons and Conifer (alternative greenery can be used)

The Dress

Turn tradition on it’s head, and choose a gorgeous rich, claret wedding dress to WOW not only your husband-to-be, but all your guests!


Or, then again, you could dress your bridesmaids in this gorgeous colour…


Heart Decor

Fill the venue with subtle touches of heart shaped decor, from heart shaped garlands filled with luscious flowers, to balloons, pom poms to heart confetti.


For more ideas on heart shaped garlands, visit blog: Six of the prettiest ways to incorporate floral wreaths into your wedding day.

Photo: Rose Pink, Carnations, Hard Ruscus, Gypsophila Million Stars, Spray Roses, Tanacetum  



Table Decor & Mood Lighting


Photo: Red roses, Hypericum Magical Seasons, Germini Suri, Waxflower Adi

Use lighting to set the mood. Nothing says “romance” like a candlelit dinner, in and around table centers or perhaps on the ceiling? – they are bound to shine even brighter if you choose sequined or silky table linens.


Photographer: Dominic Whiten – Supplier:




Red velvet cakes surge in popularity around Valentine’s Day due to their festive bright red color. And also their yumminess. It’s famous for more than its color though.


Heart shaped cookies? Love hearts? Love potions? What will your favour be?


Don’t forget to let your guests know how much you love them! Leave them handwritten messages—love notes, if you will—or a cocktail of choice in glass bottles at each place setting for a fun favor. Or send them home with some sweet treats: Prepackaged candies like chocolate truffles are a total win!


For more ideas and inspiration for your Valentine’s inspired wedding day, visit our pinterest board [Valentines Day].

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