Foliage Friday!!

Pantone is the new trend in 2017!! Greenery, a shade of new beginnings to give you a refreshing and revitalising lift for your wedding day.

For a twist on your floral arrangements, using greenery and foliage will give you a natural, lusious look for your wedding decor. Rosemary, ruscus, ivy and fern can all be used to create stunning looks. There are many ways to incorporate this fresh and simple style into your bouquets, table decor and quaint details. Pantone says ‘Greenery is now being pulled to the forefront – it is an omnipresent hue around the world’ Take a look below for ideas:


Themed invitations 


A  ceremony backdrop


Ruffled - photo by -


A Refreshing Bouquet 



Who needs flowers when you can have a bouquet like this?


Green Crowns

Floral crowns are a perfect addition to your bridal hairstyle to give a natural, minimal look that ties in with your colour scheme.



Woodland Runner

To celebrate nature on a budget, a runner filled with eucalyptus, soft ruscus and moss will certainly wow your guests. This is a great idea for dressing up wooden tables, especially if you add candles and glass vases. This style looks particularly lovely on trestle tables or for an outdoor ceremony and will turn a backyard reception into an effortless woodland.




Foliage Frames 


Cake Vines 

A tiered buttercream cake looks delicious as it is, but for a simple decoration, adding some olive leaves has a very Mediterranean look.


Chair decor 

In the ceremony room or the breakfast room, using foliage to decorate the chairs can add charm and continue the running theme throughout the venue – and let’s be honest, it’s a sweet photo op, especially for the bride and groom.



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