Yes, i know it’s only the beginning of 2017 BUT we are in preparation mode for events ahead of us & it’s happens to be Valentine’s Day soon… SO why not take a look at our pre-order Valentine’s list for red roses and other flowers to get you into the spirit. Valentines Day is the perfect time to express their feelings of romantic love for your partner more so, but some take the opportunity to show care and appreciation for their families and friends.


Valentine’s Day has been celebrated in the UK for thousands of years. It is thought to date back to pre-Roman times, from a pagan fertility festival. The Roman festival called Lupercalia was held in mid February to mark the start of spring; there are a number of fertility and marriage rites associated with Lupercalia. As christainity spread across the Roman Empire, including much of the UK, this festival soon became a day of remembrance for St. Valentine. & so, slowly became increasingly commercial during the second half of the twentieth century and still continues today…

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Here is an overview of the roses included:

Red Roses:

  1. Freedom
  2. Red Naomi 
  3. Rhodos 
  4. Upper Class 
  5. Import 
  6. Spray Roses 

Other types of Roses:

  1. Aqua 
  2. Avalanche 
  3. Dolomiti – Lovely and Sweet 
  4. Sweet avalanche 
  5. White Naomi 

We even have a combination of OTHER flower types including Tulips, lilies and much more to pre-order for Valentine’s Day!

Why not take a look for yourself and head over to 

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