10 Top Jolly Sing-a-longs this Season

Most of us are content with giving flowers. But, some of us can’t help singing about them, especially at this time of year! Here are our ten favourite songs linked to or about flowers:

To kick start the festive spirit, we have gone through the list of Christmas carols to find you some songs about flowers, and their stories.

(1) The Holly and the Ivy dated back before our time, capturing elements of the pagan world that existed before Christianity came to Europe. In it’s true form, the Holly was sacred to the druids, while the ivy was revered by the Romans. Both have been used to decorate churches since at least the 1500’s. This is a song that links the old and the new; the chorus is of the old world, but the main verses tell the Christmas story and the religious reason for the season.


Listen to The Holly and the Ivy > 

(2) The Cherry Tree Carol was originally sung in the 1400s. Both hymn and carol, it is part of a collection by Francis James Child in the late 1800s. On the way to Bethlehem, Joseph and Mary stop at a cherry orchard and, since Joseph refuses to help his wife pick cherries, the not-yet-born Jesus speaks and commands a branch to fall within reach. This ancient tale is not part of the Bible, but is part of other writings from that time.

Listen to The Cherry Tree Carol >

(3) Deck the Halls: As we speak I bet your humming the tune in your head, this carol is about the halls where people used to gather together as a community, decorating the house with festive holly. Long before tinsel and paper chains, decorations came from the natural world and holly has religious symbolism with its red berries for the blood of Christ. The Welsh melody dates to the 1500s, the words to the 1860s. This is a nice getting-things-done, toe-tapping carol.

Listen to Deck the Halls > 

Or year round, here are some more songs about flowers;

(4) Bed of Roses: By the 1993 Bon Jovi had softened somewhat from when he went big time in the late 80’s, with the big hair and hard rock! Bed of Roses was the most successful single from the record, Keep the Faith. Bon Jovi supposedly wrote this song in a hotel room while suffering from a hangover and the lyrics reflect his feelings at the time. The song contains drawn out guitar riffs and soft piano playing, along with emotive and high vocals by Jon Bon Jovi.


Listen to Bed Of Roses >

(5) You don’t Bring Me Flowers

“You don’t bring me flowers, you don’t sing me love songs, you hardly talk to me anymore”. Strong words from 1970’s by duo Streisand and Diamond. This song, originally intended as the theme tune for a TV show, hit the charts in 1978.

Listen to You Don’t Bring Me Flowers >

(6) Tiptoe Through The Tulips:  This quirky little number was written by Al Dubin and Joe Burke in 1929 and hit the top of the charts with a version recorded by jazz guitarist Nick Lucas in the same year! Amazingly, it turns out it was also used in the first ever Looney tunes cartoon ‘Sinkin’ in the Bathtub’!


Listen to Tiptoe Through The Tulips >

(7) Every Rose Has Its Thorn: This power ballard by Poison, the 80’s American glam metal band proved that it is possible to look tough and sing about flowers at the same time. This song personifies the beauty of the rose, his love for playing and his passion for music in the industry, but nothing comes easy and there is always thorns along the way! Read more at link.

Listen to Every Rose Has Its Thorn >

(8) Build Me Up Buttercup:  This has been used in movies and TV commercials for decades and covered countless times, this happy little number about the beautiful yellow perennial was first recorded by the Foundations in 1968!

Listen to Build Me Up Buttercup >

(9) Candle in the Wind: Yes, this name doesn’t contain a flower name, but because of it’s popularly referred to as ‘England’s Rose,’ we felt it was worthy! It was recorded after the death of Princess Di in 1997 and was based on John’s 1973 classic about Marilyn Munroe. The 1997 version became the highest selling single of all time, with all royalties going to the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund!

Listen to Candle In The Wind >

(10) I wish I was a Punk Rocker (with flowers in my hair): This song was criticized for the content of the song, for if she really was a punk rocker, would she wear flowers in her hair? Simple answer, YES – why not! The song was originally released in October 2005 by Viking Legacy Records, reaching only number 55 in the UK Singles Chart. It was re-released in May 2006 on Sony’s RCA Records label, and went on to be the UK’s fifth best selling single of the year!


Listen to I wish I was a Punk Rocker > 

Enjoy your seasonal sing-a-longs and I hope you are feeling ‘jolly’…

We wish you an amazing December!
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