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Wholesale Roses have always been one of the most popular flowers on the wholesale market and are available all year round in numerous varieties and grades! Here at Triangle Nursery, we tend to split them into two categories to make life just a little bit easier for ourselves, so we have mainstream and specialist varieties!

Mainstream Rose varieties 

So let me begin by telling you a bit about our Mainstream Rose varieties! These are wholesale roses that are produced and sent to the flower auctions in great quantities. They are available ALL year round and cover the basic colour and stem requirements. They are what we call the ‘bread and butter’ flowers for most florist shops throughout the year! This is because they grow all year round, they remain cheap and are grown in large quantities!

Specialist Rose varieties 

So moving on, now we have the specialist, the holy grail of roses! They are specialist roses (says it in the name!) that come into their own when a specific variety is required for a special event like weddings. They are generally grown in smaller quantities by specialist producers and therefore command a higher price at auction! There is no stopping specialist roses, they vary in colour, shade, length and grade with new strains being developed each year!!

Finess Roses

So, where are they found? 

Wholesale roses are grown commercially all over the world, but the main countries that supply the UK rose markets are Holland, Africa, Colombia and Ecuador!

Wholesale roses from Ecuadorian roses are generally regarded as King – they have extremely robust stems, shiny foliage, beautiful large flower heads and a vase life to outlast any other wholesale rose.

Here, at Triangle Nursery Ltd, our knowledge of wholesale roses is second to none. If you have any questions regarding colour matching, varieties, stem lengths, different grades and seasonal availability please feel free to contact us.

AvailabilityPink RosesFabulous and Frilly


  1. Does the stem length effect the size of the flower head of the wholesale rose?Yes. The earlier the rose is cropped, the smaller the head.
  2. Can you guarantee getting the exact wholesale rose variety?Most of the time but not always. If your chosen wholesale rose is not on the cut flower auction on the day of purchase we may have to substitute with a similar rose variety.
  3. Can you quote an exact price in advance for my wholesale roses?It is very difficult because wholesale rose prices are determined by supply & demand at auction, but we can always give you a good idea based on experience.
  4. How long does it take for wholesale roses to open?Most wholesale roses are pretty much ready to use on delivery. All will open nicely within 24/48 hours.
  5. How do I condition my wholesale roses?Click here to find out about conditioning your wholesale roses

Sweet Avalanche Spray Roses

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