Triangle Nursery Ltd is a family owned wholesale flower company.

Established for more than three generations, we specialise in the direct UK supply of top quality fresh flowers, plants and floral sundries.

Visit the store and view 1000's of flower varieties online at live market prices!

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Mothers Day = Pink Flowers All the Way !

When it comes to Mothers Day it's Pink Flowers all the way !!!

We literally have the largest selection of wholesale pink flowers available online & all available for direct delivery to your door.

Varieties like gerbera, roses, tulips, pink gypsophila, ranunculus, anemones, hyacinths are classics & this is only mentioning a few !

You can search our web site for pink varieties by using our colour filtering facility - click this link for a million ideas !!


Peach Roses are Certainly Back for Weddings This Year

Peach Roses are making a definite come back in 2014 as far as wedding flowers are concerned, so we thought we would take this opportunity to suggest a few varieties.

There are also quite a number of pink & cream rose varieties that are on the peachy side and tone superbly such as Almas, Artemis, Cabaret, Candid Prophyta, Classy Alison, Kiwi, Lowlands, Olympia, Pearl Avalanche, Senorita, Vendela etc....


Pale Peach / Nude: Talea, Finess

Medium Peach: Alchemy, Avalanche Peach, Juliet, Prima Donna

Antique Peach: Versilia, Carpe Diem, Cuba Libre

Coral Peach: Miss Piggy

Spray Roses

Pale Peach: Lenne 

Medium Peach: Avalanche Peach

Coral: Barbados

You will be able to find many more peach roses and spray roses in the following sections of our web site by clicking these categories: Roses, Spray Roses, Colombian Garden Roses, David Austin Roses.




What a Year 2013 Has Been !

2013 started with Triangle Nursery moving to new premises near Ipswich over the 2012 Christmas period - not much of a festive break then! - stocking the new wharehouse, having a brand new monster cold store built, new computer systems installed, decorating the offices and numerous trips backwards & forwards from our old premises.

January started with a 46,000 red rose contract for a UK wide Citroen car promotion - followed hard on the heels by Valentines Day - we certainly saw our fair share of red roses in 2013!! Then came Mothers Day before crashing head long into the wonderful wedding season...

For weddings white Avalanche Roses were again the most popular flower, followed by white Hydrangea. Peach roses made a surprise come back with varieties like Avalanche Peach and Talea & Miss Piggy Roses were widely used for the first time. Gypsophila weddings were huge - some orders consisting of literally 1000's of stems. It's always a pleasure to handle your wedding orders and see all the wonderful flower varieties - 2013 certainly didn't disapoint!

At the beginning of August we launched our new web site - these were very excting times because it links directly into the Dutch Flower Auctions allowing customers to choose from 1000's of cut flower & foliage varieties together with a large selection of floral sundries. 2014 will see some fantastic new ideas and enhancements to the web site - so watch this space! Also many more products will be added so please get in touch with anything new you would like to see on there!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support in 2013, wish them a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year - and look forward to all the fun in 2014!



A Lovely Testimonial to Receive Before Christmas

Dear Mary,

So sorry not to have contacted you before but it has been an intense two days with still  all the bridal stuff to do today - 10 buttonholes, 2 corsages, two flower girl posies, matron of honour and bride! None of which I have ever done before! 

Just to say that the roses are superb - really amazing and much more beautiful than any I have seen in florists. The Naomi are exquisite and so delicately fragrant. The spray roses are gorgeous and so versatile. Really amazing quality and Avalanche and Akito blend so well too. I am so thrilled with them as is the bride!  

Also the ribbon was perfect and useful buckets so reasonably priced. The delivery was such reliable timing and your service excellent. I found that you were so super helpful and reassuring on the telephone and I will have no hesitation in using you again! Although at this point being beyond tired I am not sure I would wish to take on such a project again!!!

But I will certainly be telling all and sundry how good you are and would be very happy to write something for your website!

Thank you so much for making this happen so easily as it is a huge part of the day! Been awake since 5am for past few days! Will send some photographs!

Best wishes and many thanks.

Nicola Finlay


British Poinsettias Under Threat From Inferior Dutch Imports

As reported in the Daily Mail recently, British grown Poinsettias will be in short supply this Christmas because of increased energy prices and competition from cheaper & inferior Dutch imports.

Poinsettias are a tropical plant and have to be grown in controlled temperatures of between 59F - 68F & with soaring fuel bills some growers have gone out of business.

Compared with five years ago there are now one million less British grown plants on the market.

With many Dutch nurseries receiving subsidies to install energy-efficient heating systems the gap in price has widened significantly. It is also well known that Dutch grown Poinsettias have weaker stems, fewer branches and are less hardy.

British growers devote between 18 - 20 weeks to cultivate poinsettia plants compared to Dutch growers who devote only 12-15 weeks.